Frequently Asked Questions:

When will resumes be available?
Resumes will be available online by Monday, August 14th. An e-mail reminder will be sent out when they are posted.
Can multiple people attend from the same company?
Yes! We often have multiple participants from one company. Both technical and HR-based employees are encouraged to attend the Interview Event to ensure selection of the right candidates. Having multiple attendees also allows students to learn more about your company.
If I cannot attend the meeting, are there other means to interview students?
We value your interest in the students. The first formal point of contact for partners and students is the Interview Event (Sep 11th-13th). For partners who are unable to attend this event, we are able to set up phone or video interviews the morning of Thursday Sep 14th. Please let me know if you cannot attend but would like to coordinate phone/video interviews.
Where should I park for the Networking Dinner and Interview Event?
If you are staying at the Phoenix Inn, the Erb Memorial Union is about a 15 minute walk. Campus Map

Because the Networking Dinner begins after 5 pm on Monday, campus parking will be open. We recommend lot 5A. (Parking Map)

For the Interview Event, we will be reserving spots in the Columbia Garage (lot 99 - Parking Map), underneath the Matthew Knight Arena. Parking directions will be sent with your interview schedule.

Other questions?

Contact Stacey York
Director, Strategic Partnerships