Bruce Johnson
Track: PV/Semiconductors
Undergrad: DePauw University, Greencastle, IN - Physics
Internship: Brewer Science
Currently at Brewer Science



I first heard of the UO program when completing my bachelors at DePauw University, thought it was a good idea, but didn’t pursue it much further. A year after graduation, I finally realized I needed further education. The UO program offered a unique timeline that could quickly push me into the professional world with a surprising success rate. It was a perfect match since I did not want to spend much more time in academia.

The summer of intensive course work was well organized to transition through each course while providing the necessary tools to challenge us. Those communication, experimental, and scientific challenges are consistent with my every day experiences working in R&D.

Now, I work at Brewer Science Inc. in Rolla, MO for our New Business Development group. We work on new and improving technologies to expand the capabilities of the company. This is the group I started with as an intern and am I excited to be able continue working in this fast paced environment facing new challenges and technologies on a daily basis.

The internship experience at Brewer was wonderful and helped me integrate into the company and the local community. It provided opportunities for me to pursue my passion for philanthropy and inspiring young minds to explore the wonders of science. These activities balanced long days in the lab as I was driven to succeed in order to receive a job offer. The UO program fully prepared me to understand the work ethic and professionalism it took to earn a full time position. My success as an intern inspired me to enhance that devotion as more opportunities arise within our group. I feel I have a great starting point for my career as my unique role in the company includes technical and business experience.

This program was fun, not easy. But there isn’t much in life worth having that is easy.