Inclusion Symposium Brings Together Rich Assortment of Voices

The Master's Industrial Internship Program hosted its first Inclusion Symposium in downtown Portland August 26th. The symposium marks an evolution of the Women's Network Symposium hosted the past four years. This gender-inclusive event brought senior leaders and alumni to Portland as panelists to share their wisdom and insights on the value of diversity and inclusion in 21st century teams. For industry, teams make it happen and this event seeks to talk about how an inclusive environment can enable us to be more successful in advancing science as well as humanity.

The event was hosted at the White Stag in downtown Portland. Long-time program supporter and Delphon CEO Jeanne Beacham was honored with the Excellence in Mentorship of Early Career Scientists Award for her unwavering support. The keynote speaker this year was alumnae Mahnaz Milani, currently at Apple, Inc.

Thank you to all the panelists, alumni attendees and current students (for prospective students it might be nice for them to realize they would have an opportunity to attend this) who helped make this event a success!

The alumni panel answers questions from attendees.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES Isabelle Ferain talks to students during the networking portion.

Alumnae Mahnaz Milani, now at Apple, gives the keynote speech.

The senior leaders panel included Jan Kleinert from ESI, Takiya Ahmed Foskey from Dow, Isabelle Ferain from GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Laura Stratton from Polymer Chemistry Innovations, and Deb Koehn from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Alumnus Michael Azuma (Sun Chemical) talks to panelists and students during the networking portion.

Lisa Gay and alumnae Ashley Tilson (Thermo Fisher Scientific) chat during the networking portion.

Alumnae Mikaela Hall (Emerald Performance Materials) chats with Takiya Ahmed Foskey, a panelist from Dow.

Laura Stratton from Polymer Chemistry Innovations speaks during the senior leaders panel.

Zemax's Kristen Norton answers a question during the alumni panel.

Darlene Reid of Analytical Answers, responds to a question during the alumni panel.

The alumni panel included Kristen Norton from Zemax, Caleb Van Buskirk from Los Alamos National Lab, David Raschko from FormFactor, Amanda Siedschlag from Intel, and Darlene Reid from Analytical Answers, Inc.

Mikaela Hall gives a grand introduction to award winner Jeanne Beacham.

Program director Stacey York, presents Jeanne Beacham with the Excellence in Mentorship of Early Career Scientists Award.


Keynote Speaker:

Mahnaz Milani
Engineering Program Mgr, Intel

Senior Leaders Panel:

Isabelle Ferain
Sr. Manager/Deputy Director, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Takiya Ahmed Foskey
Research Scientist, The Dow Chemical Company

Jan Kleinert
Research Mgr, Electro Scientific Industries

Deb Koehn
Assoc. Director, Human Resources, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Laura Stratton
Director of Research & Development, Polymer Chemistry Innovations

Alumni Panel:

Kristen Norton
Product Mananger, Zemax

Darlene Reid
Suface Chemist, FIB Microscopist, Analytial Answers, Inc.

David Raschko
Principle Test Engineer, FormFactor

Amanda Siedschlag
Process Engineer, Intel

Caleb Van Buskirk
Post-Masters Researcher, Los Alamos National Lab