Lucia Battaglia

Lucia Battaglia

Lucia Battaglia

Track: PV/Semiconductors
Undergrad: Portland State University/National Autonomous University of Mexico - Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
Internship: Intel
Current Job Title: Commercial Supplier Manager & Equipment Development Engineer at Intel

Lucia Battaglia was a middle-schooler in Mexico when she got the chemistry bug. “I was doing terribly and my chemistry teacher pulled me aside and tried to explain chemistry to me,” said Battaglia. “He was the one who made me believe I could be good at this.”

That little push was all she needed to convince herself that science and engineering – and eventually, Intel – was where she would find her passion. Lucia went on to complete her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City, where she grew up – eventually moving to Oregon to study chemistry at Portland State and finally completing a graduate degree in chemistry at the University of Oregon.

The Master’s Industrial Internship Program at the UO helped reach her goal of working at Intel. “It started my career!,” says Battaglia. The innovative program pairs intensive course and lab work with internships in industry. The first day of classes, she introduced herself thus: “My name is Lucia Battaglia and I want to work at Intel.”

Her fascination with semiconductors began in Shankar Rananavare’s chemistry lab at PSU. Rananavare suggested she consider the master’s program at the UO. “I thought it would be a good fit for me because I’m an engineer and I’m curious about chemistry and this program combined both.”

But why Intel? “It’s the best company for semiconductors in the world,” says Battaglia. “When I was doing my engineering degree in Mexico City, I went to work for Proctor and Gamble and I saw the benefits of working for big corporations. I like to be part of something big. When I decided to do the program, I knew I wanted to work at Intel.”

Though she was already qualified to work at Intel with her chemical engineering degree, she found the master’s program helped focus her knowledge of semiconductors – and that’s what got her the job. “We focused for the whole summer on how these devices work. I had the knowledge I needed,” she said.

She applied for three positions at the semiconductor giant and got invited back for three interviews. In one of the interviews, she was asked what she knew about semiconductors and she said, “I have a master’s degree!” He asked if she knew what a MOSFET was. “Do you want me to draw one for you?,” she asked. She went to the board and drew a perfect MOSFET. “I knew I would get the job after that. He was really impressed.” As it turned out, she received offers for all three positions, but decided the development engineer was for her.

Battaglia loves her job; she clearly made the right choice. “At Intel we’re developing things years in advance and I’m exposed to all this information. I see the latest and greatest regarding the equipment and process. No one is as advanced as us.”

Now that she has a real job and is no longer in school, she has time to concentrate on other things – like taking a boxing class and training for the Portland Marathon next month. – November 2012,