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News and Events
Knight Campus

After a storied academic presence at the University of Oregon spanning more than two decades, the former Bioinformatics and Genomics Master’s Program and Master’s Industrial Internship Program have united under one umbrella: The Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program.

GiA human genes

The 2021 Genomics in Action conference, sponsored by the Bioinformatics Track of the Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program, went virtual for the first time. The sixth annual event, held Jan. 27-29, set new records, attracting more than 200 participants and featuring new speakers.


More than 60 alumni, students, staff, and industry leaders came together in a virtual space for the 2020 KCGIP Inclusion Symposium.



Adrian Bubie

Bioinformatics alum Adrian Bubie, ’18 M.S. is part of a team developing a testing tool that could help determine patient health trajectories.