Optical Materials and Devices

Optics students in lab
Optical Materials and Devices

Laser-Focused Training

The optics program at the Knight Campus focuses on integrating technology, optical elements, fiber optics, optoelectronics, electronics and software programming to build state-of-the-art instruments for science research and advanced manufacturing.

Our accelerated master’s optics program leverages constant feedback from our broad corporate partner base to ensure the core skills learned from our curriculum align with innovation roles in advanced research and development. Start a 9-month paid internship in high tech with master’s level responsibilities after only 6 months.

Students who have completed 9-month 
paid internships since 1998
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within three months
an optics table with two perpendicular laser beams

What are optics?

Optics is the field of science that describes how light is generated, propagates through space, is modified and detected. Modern optics is a highly interdisciplinary practice that brings together physicists, chemists, computer scientists, optical, electrical and mechanical engineers. Scientists and engineers working in the field of optics use software to simulate and automate the experiments being conducted at an optics station. The physical optics space brings together mechanical hardware for alignment and stability purposes of the optical hardware, electronics act as the nervous system of the experiment, which acquires and analyzes the data with custom software packages.

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For the fifth year in a row, the UO has conferred the most master’s degrees in physics in the country.


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Thermo Fisher Scientific, a long-term partner of the Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program, has committed $20,000/year over the next 5 years to support Inclusion & Diversity scholarships.