Bioinformatics and Genomics Curriculum

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Bioinformatics and Genomics Curriculum

Track to Success

Hands-on training in communication, leadership, and teamwork sets this program apart and has helped to successfully launch the careers of Graduate Internship Program students for more than 20 years.


First 9 months: Coursework at the Knight Campus 

  • Summer - 12 required credits
  • Fall - 9 required credits
  • Winter - 9 required credits

Students complete core coursework and optional electives. Students will attend a scientific meeting (Genomics in Action), present a poster, network, and interview with partners to line-up internships.

Second 9 months: Internship with External Partner 

  • Spring, Summer, Fall - 10 credits each

Students fulfill their internship requirement through employment with internship partners beginning in April and ending in December.

The majority of bioinformatics students complete their master’s degree in 18 months.

To learn about how students fund the program, visit the Scholarships and Funding Opportunities page.  

Student Projects

Imagine the possibilities. From single-cell RNA-seq to machine learning applications,
explore the many opportunities to hone your skills and present your work.



Your Bioinformatics Faculty

Photo of Leslie Coonrod

Leslie Coonrod   
Director, Bioinformatics Track


Jason Sydes    
Senior Bioinformatician, Bioinformatics Track and Genomics and Cell Characterization Core Facility

Image of Max Wren

Maxine Wren    
Instructor, Bioinformatics Track


Lisa Bramer    
Senior Data Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Lab

Image of David Degnan

David Degnan    
Biological Data Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Lab